Baroque cantatas and arias – Ad honorem Beatae virginae

Added | 23.5.2017

Cantatas, arias and instrumental compositions by Georg Frideric Haendel, Francesco Bartolomeo Conti and Henry Purcell. Performed by: Laila Cathleen Neumann– soprano Plaisirs de Musique, artistic leader Jan Čižmář Programme: G. F. Haendel: Ode on St. Cecilia’s Day (selection) F. B. Conti: Lidia già mi vedesti H. Purcell: Sonata of three parts G. F. Haendel: Salvearrow

Musical archaeology 5: Garden of Musical Pleasures

Added | 15.5.2017

Interconnection of music, flora, archaeology and architecture. Songs about plants will accompany the inauguration of a monograph about the agricultural production in Mikulčice of the 9th century. The guest of the evening will be Laila Cathleen Neumann, sopranist from the country of tulips, who will present the songs inspired by the flowers by composers of the English,arrow

The Midsummer Baroque Festivity

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Musical and dance performance at the J. K. Tyl Theater in Třeboň and baroque scenery with period fireworks in the chateau park. Part of the program will be the shortened stage performance of the opera Arminio by J. A. Hasse and the Baroque dances of the European royal courts. Performed by: Early music ensemble Plaisirsarrow

South American Temperament

Added | 26.4.2017

Music for baroque guitar from the Old and New World – European Spain and Latin America. Performed by Cristian Gutiérrez (Chile) – baroque guitar, vihuelaarrow

Festa di Sua Maestà Caesarea Leopoldo

Added | 24.4.2017

Creative scenic project commemorating the 350th anniversary of the spectacular wedding of Emperor Leopold I to the Spanish princess Margaret Theresa. Music by H.M. Leopold I, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, M. A. Cesti. Cast: Bishop Szelepcsényi, Leopold’s friend, Markéta’s guide ….. Michal Marhold Markéta, girl from the present time ….. Kristina Kubová Margherita, Spanish princess ….. Linda Kunclová dramatic improvisation ….. musicians andarrow

Musical Archaeology 4: Spring Improvisations

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An interconnection of music, painting, archaeology and modern architecture, inspired by the spring and the atmosphere of a new start. Presentation of the new guidebook “Hradiště v Mikulčicích a Velká Morava” (Fortified Settlement in Mikulčice and Great Moravia). The program includes compositions by J. A. Losy, F. Geminiani, Emperor Leopold I. and other composers. Performed by the early musiquearrow

Plaisirs de Musique at Valtice

Added | 21.4.2017

Theater pastimes with baroque music, singing, dancing, poetry and other forms of selected court art in authentic design. Performed by the Plaisirs de Musique ensemble and his guests, artistic leader Jan Čižmářarrow