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G. P. Telemann, M. Friedl – Fantasie per flauto traverso e contrabbasso Marta Kratochvílová – baroque traverso and piccolo Marian Friedl – double bass By combining the music of today and the music of the Baroque, we invite all listeners to discover uncharted musical landscapes! When Georg Philipp Telemann composed his 12 Fantasies for flutearrow

Moravian baroque and folk music

Added | 7.6.2021

A rare meeting between two worlds. Plaisirs de Musique (Brno, Czech Republic) Marta Kratochvílová – Baroque traverso, Baroque picollo, Renaissance traverso Jan Čižmář – mandora, Baroque guitar, theorbo RukyNaDudy (Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic) Marian Friedl – bagpipe, small dulcimer, folk flutes, Carpathian alphorn, drone zither, galichon, folk clarinet Vlastimil Bjaček – vocals, bagpipes, recorderarrow


Added | 27.5.2021

The cycle of cultural performances and concerts in the premises of Kroměříž Castle and Gardens is organized by the Plaisirs de Musique in cooperation with the Archbishop’s Castle and Gardens in Kroměříž and the Museum of Art in Olomouc. Saturday, June 19, 2021, 4:00 – 7:00 pm – BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH Afternoon cultural programarrow

Music of Rudolfinum Prague

Added | 1.2.2021

A fragment of the lute tablature XIII B 237, (RISM 290), also known as Codex Jacobides, is one of the most important Czech monuments of lute and instrumental music in the early 17th century. He comes from Prague of the time of Rudolf II. and later. It contains recordings of period dances, intabulation of songs,arrow

Misterios del Amor

Added | 19.11.2019

At the heart of the program called Misterios del Amor is the musical legacy of Sephardic Jews. The story consists of songs, each of which touches on the theme of love in a different way. In addition to deeply emotional Sephardic songs, there will also be music of a similar charge and inspiration from thearrow

Hudební sanssouci v Praze – Dialogy s loutnou

Added | 17.7.2018

Plaisirs de Musique a jeho hosté přinášejí sérii koncertních programů, které budou zaměřeny nejenom na klasickou hudbu baroka a renesance, ale i na hudbu jiných žánrů; některé z koncertů budou obohacené i o jiné druhy umění. Koncerty se konají v historických prostorách Domu U kamenného zvonu na Staroměstském náměstí v Praze, v místnosti, ve které searrow

Renaissance Musical Delicacies

Added | 21.8.2017

Consort music served with coffee or tea and sweets made for the individual compositions (included in the price). The program includes compositions by King Henry VIII, Tielman Susato, Pierre Attaignant, Alessandro Orologio, Diego Ortiz, John Dowland, Jacob van Eyck, Oratio Vecchi, Josquin de Préz, Adrian Willaert and other composers. Performed by: Anežka Levová — traversoarrow

Le Jardin des Plaisirs

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In the Garden of Pleasure, an intimate drama unfolds before the audience, the story of a forbidden love between an English lady and a French knight. Performed by: Laila Cathleen Neuman – soprano | Jean-Sébastien Beauvais – countertenor | Marta Kratochvílová – traverso | Robert Smith – viola da gamba | Jan Čižmář – lutearrow