J. A. Hasse: Arminio (chamber version of the baroque opera)

Love and war, life and death, honor and betrayal – these are the fateful dilemmas faced by the Germanic hero Arminio, the prince of the Cherubs, and his adversary – and formerly his friend – Roman general Publius Quintilius Varo. Their story, full of twists and dramatic entanglements, is unstoppable toward the fateful conclusion of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, during which, in 9 AD, the Arminio’s Germanic warriors had vanquished three Roman legions under Varo’s leadership.

Chamber productions of the baroque opera of one of the most famous Baroque composers, performed on period instruments and in a scenic concept combining a modern overhead approach with respect to the historical artistic rendition.

music: Johann Adolph Hasse (1699–1783)
libretto: Giovanni Claudio Pasquini (1695–1763)

performed by:
Armin Gramer (Austria) – countertenor | Arminio, Cheruscian prince, Tusnelda’s lover
Laila Cathleen Neuman (Netherlands) – soprano | Tusnelda, Segestes’ young daughter, betrothed to Arminiu
Matúš Šimko (Slovakia) – tenor | Segestes, prince of the Chatti, Varus’ friend
{oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna (Poland)

staging: Marek Mokoš