REMA 2015 Showcase in Prague

The REMA Showcase is a showcase for young European artists which takes place every two years.

It is a unique opportunity for young talents of early music to present themselves in front of a broad selection of European early music promoters. To meet as many festival or concert hall directors early in their career is a considerable chance. It can take many years to get these contacts. REMA is also offering during a year its support for communication, for contacts with the REMA members and for advice.

The last edition of the REMA Showcase took place in Prague, on 19 and 20 November 2015.

Selected ensembles: Plaisirs de Musique, Consone Quartet, Eo Nomine, Radio Antiqua, Sollazzo Ensemble

In November 2015, live performances by 5 emerging ensembles graced the stage of the HAMU Music academy in Prague, where REMA and the Association of European Conservatoires held a joint conference over the weekend of 19-22 November. One of the highlights of the weekend was a concert presentation of these 5 ensembles over two evenings. Here now is the first of these magnificent concerts, presented by the ensemble ‘Les Plaisirs de Musique.’