Program: Le Jardin des Plaisirs

In the Garden of Pleasure, an intimate drama unfolds before the audience, the story of a forbidden love between an English lady and a French knight. Set in 1697, it is accompanied by a free selection of the most suitable songs and texts from the pens of English and French authors of the late 17th and early 18th centuries with occasional deviations inspired only by a desire to enrich the programme with the most appropriate emotion. Will love triumph over duty? Will their families agree to their union? Will the kiss they have longed for so much in secret ever come?

Music by Henry Purcell, John Eccles, Henry Lawes, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Joseph Chabanceau de la Barre, John Dowland, Gottfried Finger
Poetry by William Shakespeare, Pierre Corneille, Henry VIII

Cooperating artists:
Laila Cathleen Neuman – soprano | Jean-Sébastien Beauvais – countertenor | Marta Kratochvílová – traverso | Robert Smith – viola da gamba |  Jan Čižmář – lute, artistic leader