Program: Music from the Chateau Strážnice

The programme presents the virtually unknown music collection from the chateau Strážnice and the extensive musical activity in the second half of the 18th century at the court of the Magni family, which in 1637 had been raised to the status of hereditary imperial counts. This collection of around 470 items of music has so far escaped the wider interest of musicologists and performers; research in the last few years, however, unveiled a whole range of previously unknown music. Most of the pieces in this concert are — according to on our current knowledge — unique in the Strážnice collection.

The program includes compositions by Antonio Caputi, Giuseppe Salino, Giovanni Pissani, Carl Stamitz, Archangelo Corelli, Giuseppe Tartini, Karl Kohaut and other composers.

Performed by:
Maria Tecla Andreotti – traverso | Marta Kratochvílová – traverso | Christophe Coin – cello | Jan Čižmář – baroque lute